Who we are and what we do

Charity Dalek started out life as a Dalek video on my shelf at home. My two sons, Marc & Liam, found it and decided they really liked it. This was quickly followed by "can we have a toy Dalek?" This had me trawling the internet for model kits. Then my brother threw a spanner in the works with the words "Dare you to make a big one".

Mug enough to take up the challenge I started work. Only after I was well under way did I start to ask "What on earth am I going to do with a full size Dalek??" The answer was obvious and so in October 2000 Charity Dalek started work. Within 3 years we had been instrumental in helping to raise over 150,000 for charities and needy causes.

In 2001, following a chance meeting with an engineer I was extremely fortunate to secure a very generous sponsorship agreement from ALCAN International in the form of a purpose made aluminium Dalek body shell! Following their very generous assistance several other companies have come forward with offers of material support. To say thank you I offered them free advertising spaces on the new trailer so that I could show everyone just how supportive they have been.

I started out doing small Fetes and quickly progressed to taking part at the Annual Doctor Who Day Longleat in Wiltshire until the final one for the 40th Anniversary in 2003.

In September 2008 Charity Dalek completed two years of renovation work to restore it to its former glory (see our gallery) including complete rewiring as well as complete replacement of several structural components. I was also forced to replace the Dalek's covered trailer which had not faired well against the elements and in 2008 also underwent an upgrade to aluminium.
Now better than ever Charity Dalek is back doing what it does best, scaring big kids while THEIR kids look amazed. Even now Charity Dalek is as popular as ever and continues to draw crowds where ever it goes.

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